This cat is running out of lives…

Monday was a holiday so this state employee gets the day off, yippee! Right? No. Hell to the no.
Once again a lovely mix of winter weather and my inability to be graceful on my feet my body decided to meet the ground in a swift and painful fashion.


The temperature finally broke the double digits around 1400hrs. I translate that as to being a good time to get a truck full of firewood and tend to the chickens. It has been ridiculously cold and all of my creatures are spoiled therefore I make some rice for my girls, duh. I trek out to the coop to give them some deliciously fluffy rice and warm water and that is when the day took an awful turn. Out of nowhere I slip, tray goes flying and hit my head on the ice. Anyone who has ever hit their head knows that awful sound. It’s a clunk yet higher pitched, almost a weird pop type of noise and even just thinking about it makes me nauseous. The more I think of the incident the more I think I actually knocked myself out, maybe just a mere fifteen seconds but boy am I still paying for it three days later.

The nitty gritty details: foot slips out from under me as I walk down a miniscule slope, all three dogs were trailing behind me and two escaped chickens are near the coop off to my right. As I become airborne I felt my glasses start to slip off of my face, both feet in the air, hear the clunk of my head, triceps hit the ground, water hits my legs, porcelain dish hits my left shoulder … the next thing I remember I’m reaching for my glasses from my chin with two chickens eating rice between my feet and two onlookers by the names of Grizzly and Oakley just past the chickens. I roll to my right which seemed difficult so I roll to my left, my sweatshirt and pajama pants are stuck to the ground where you can literally hear the fabric being removed from its frozen location, kicked a chicken (… how dare I block the rice on the ground with my foot!), as I proceed to slowly rise to all fours I see the cracked ice that looks to be a rather accurate mold to my skull and become thankful there is no blood … I have all three dogs at my attention wondering how to translate these peculiar noises I am making. Little wobbly on my toes and am now terrified that I’m going to fall again.


I continue to the coop to let the rest of the flock out to clean my mess of now cold rice and ice. Sorry ladies. There is literally no wood in the house. I HAVE to get firewood. I collect enough wood to end my day and start the next, it took me what felt like an everlasting half hour, trying to understand what hell just happen, glad I’m on my feet and covet a warm shower.

Assess the noggin, no visual issues, pupils are fine, the need to puke has subsided and I surprisingly don’t have a headache. Neck, back and shoulders are already sore. Offda. Seriously women!?! This marks the third time in less than a week I have lost my foot placement. I need a helmet. And bubble wrap. Hell, just put me in a wheelchair with a roll cage on it …


Couch surfing with my boys and a nice hot cup o’joe is in order for this lady! I’m still a smidge concerned about what just happen and don’t want to lay down but I also feel like I don’t have any medical justification to go to the hospital therefore I lack any true concern.

Good golly the morning after is a bitch! Insanely sore. No headache. My neck, shoulders and back feel like they are completely tensed up and I got pummeled with a 2×4. I can barely get out of bed at 0140 forget about moving my neck from side to side. Yes 0140. I was so uncomfortable I just bit the bullet and got up, took a scorching hot shower to ease the muscles and kick back in the recliner until I’m forced to operate and do that ‘adulting’ thing called work.

Side note: being up so early and with my lack of wanting to communicate with other humans lead to me finishing an audio book in one day! Misadventures of a City Girl by Meredith Wild. Think of 50 Shades of Grey, minus the billionaire, add a lumberjack, minus the city and a cabin in the woods … now that is a dirty book worth reading!

Luckily I have an amazing husband that has taken care of me and given me massages the past couple days … I’m not a massaged yearning person but oh my goodness did my muscles need it. Three days later of muscle pain maintenance and there is still work to be done. I am very excited for some wine and a hot tub come Friday evening! Fingers crossed come Saturday morning I’ll be back to my pain in the ass self and be ready for another tumble!


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