It’s All About Them Pups … Bout Them Pups … No Trouble?!

We had a visitor here on the Webb! And he goes by the name of Thumper and maybe sometimes Thumps, Thump or Yoda. Naturally.
He’s is cute as a button, he is also a distinguished old man and yet still young at heart! At this point I shouldn’t have to admit it but there are no canine rules at my house. It is the dogs house and I just pay the mortgage. In other words Pup-arty!

Ridiculous amount of treats, peanut butter and belly rubs were in store for this little man! And I won’t forget to mention the free for all of the furniture, kibble and chicken poop!


I’ve been told he is not a cuddler … but whomever has that idea must have been talking about a different dog-o! He is super cuddly! Granted my other four leg’d monsters did not really approve, they get a touch of the jealousy bug when it comes to getting couch time but within time Mr.Thump said F you buddy, my turn!


This fella can make his ears go completely sideways! And add a touch of a smirk to it and how can you not want to take a picture and fuss over this little man!

The only thing I was worried about when having a four leg’d visitor without there humans, was the departure … and not because of the visitor … but because of my clan.
Dun. Dun. Dun.
I pictured Grizzly getting insanely wound up and bouncy and loud and stomping all over the place when it came time to pack up and start the truck … it didn’t happen! No way! Awesome! My monsters just let me take Thump out of the house.
Easy, peasey! Right?

There was cardboard and paper products all over the place! The old dog food bag that houses all burnable items (all year long) has been destroyed! O.M.G. My clan has been so good lately, like were talking a good six months or so with no incidents in the house! *sigh* There is also a tortilla bag on the floor,  this tortilla bag had one tortilla left in it when I left the house … minus the tortilla the bag is now in a dozen little pieces. That has Cara written all over it! She has always done something little and minuscule like that, **evil villian voice**  haha! I’ll show you humans! I will install fear into them by unleashing my wrath on this! This! This here wrapper!
Rawr! Rawr! Rawr!

But this here, this less villian like, less malicious, less ball of anger, more guilt, more love, more cuteness has given me that face … Mom … you cheated on me all weekend and Cara told me you didn’t love me anymore and I got scared and tore up some things and I’m sorry-face.
But next time maybe he should remove the packing tape from his chest before I get home so I can blame all the dogs …


One response to “It’s All About Them Pups … Bout Them Pups … No Trouble?!

  1. LOL. Thank you for pup sitting. The little guy was worn out. He slept the whole way home. But, just to let you know SOMEBODY has staked claim on my seat on the couch. And Dad just grins from ear to ear.


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