What can I get for you?

I’ll take some chaos with a side of bullsh*t please!

Second Wednesdays of the month are usually my arch nemesis regardless of the festivities I’m about to bestow upon you. The second Wednesdays are not just pay day, it’s garbage day, it’s truck payment day and it’s fill up the gas tank….day. Which doesn’t sound like much but I tackle all three of these on top of being a functional adult doing adulating things before the clock strikes six. *sigh*


Saddle up and rev that engine to start the day! Before I even get to the ‘Mt.Everest’ part of my driveway  I can feel a little bit of fishtail action going on. It’s gonna be that kind of drive today huh? Alright, bring it on! In order to successfully tackle the summit of what I call a driveway one has to reach a minimum of 20mph when there is inclement weather. Yeah, that didn’t happen today. A mere 15mph was reached. I made it half way up the driveway and begin to slide back down *sigh* this isn’t my first rodeo. Release the brake, ride the ice down and hello …. my bum is now in the trees. MOTHER CLUCKER! Have I mentioned this is not my first rodeo with mother natures bounty of snow?! About a half hours worth of rocking my truck back and forth landed me back on the driveway! Having the ability to drive with both feet, a touch of anger and a sprinkle of stubbornness does accomplish things … sometimes. I now have the bright idea to try to get up the driveway, I mean, Mt. Everest not one but two more times.


Fork this! I must bow out, with the lack of attention this communal driveway has gotten reference the last storm I admit defeat. Back home I go. Still dark. Still snowing.
Side note, backing down over the bridge while it’s snowing sideways practically puts me into AFib because I’m paranoid that I’ll misinterpreted where the bridge is and over into the water I go. *phew*

I am now walking towards the front door and there is a stray chicken in the snow. Huh?!
*chicken coo* I, of course, start talking to her. What the hell are you doing?!
-My girls have gotten into this lovely habit of thinking the motion sensor light on the side of the house is …the sun. Yes, the sun. Once that light gets triggered they are awake and ready for the day! But, if and when the light goes off in the dark they look like little statues scattered across the front lawn.  * sigh* I didn’t even let them out today! I love them but they are not always the brightest! – So, I pick up the chicken and walk her back home. Sometimes putting chickens back to bed feels like when you try to put a drunk friend to bed, they argue, they fight, they want water and try to constantly come back to the party but they will ultimately fail and off to bed they go!

I continue on into the house, I surprise the dogs, “WOW! Hi Mom! You’ve been gone forever and back so soon! We’re confused but we love it!” I love my furbabies! They are completely confused and excited as to why I’m home and covered in this white, fluffy, edible madness.
The first phone call I make is to work, obviously I have to let them know that my ‘happy ass’ will not be attending fun camp today! The second phone call I make is to the husband … I let him know X,Y and Z happen, I’ll be home. That man is lucky my morning sucked! I woke him up! Long story short, there is a barracks for employees where he works and on long days, work reasons, weather and so on he can stay there. And he made it to work with sixty seconds to spare. Putz!

At this point I’m still sour that I’m missing work because of my gosh darn driveway…sipping my now cold coffee from my travel mug. TRAVEL MUG. The irony of my mug doing a whole lot of NOT traveling this morning. Grr. I slowly come to terms with the day and put on the tv and snuggle up with my boys on the couch. *Flicker* NO. *Flicker, flicker* …silence…everything has powered down… And now I have no power.
Walk my happy ass to the phone to call in the outage. Yes, I have a real landline. No, my cellphone doesn’t have service.
I sit down. The power company calls inquiring why I don’t have power.  I DON’T KNOW I CAN’T GET OUT MY DRIVEWAYYYYYYY. I didn’t yell, I wasn’t rude, but god damn it …  I curl up on the couch and take a cat nap with Mr.Oakley until around 0800 when I hear my neighbor plowing. I suppose I can venture out into the world and go to work since a good ol’ fashion day of tv and puppy love has gotten cancelled and I’m far to cranky to read a book or relax anyway.

First things first, coffee! I roll up to the dunkin donuts, I use my phone to pay (Yes, my phone, this is the ONLY place I use my phone because I get rewards ect) I forgot to use the coupon I earned for a free coffee and I didn’t have enough money on my dunkin account, gahh, reach back behind me for my wallet, because why would it be easily accessible?! I grab the debit card and I proceed to drop it down by my feet, seriously!? It is impossible to reach it without pulling away from the drive-up window and exiting the vehicle…. I laugh and say ‘did that really just happen?!’ to the cashier, she giggles and now I have to use my credit card. For a $2 coffee.
…I’m an idiot.

Believe it or not the rest of my morning stroll is a breeze, I play phone tag with the pops (dad) and eventually give him the run down of my morning. Virtually no traffic, roads aren’t bad, still sour that I couldn’t get to work for normal time blah blah blah…

Upon my arrival to work I’m greeted by my people! She lives! She’s here! My work family is pretty awesome, not gonna lie! After a bit I request that I work till 1745 so that way I can make up the time I had lost and not use any of my vacation or sick time. I get denied. I can work untill 1700, presuming X supervisor is still around. I comply.  But on the inside I’m screaming, ARE YOU FORKING KIDDING ME?! I keep my nose clean, I do my job, my quantity and quality of work cannot be argued which makes me more even more bitter. I am not favored nor treated special so yes, when I have a request for something like that I’d like it to be granted, especially when those lack luster employees that surround me get the same thing granted or even better, the same type of thing granted over and over again. Yes, I sound and feel like a little toddler that is stomping there feet saying ‘this isn’t fair’. The simple emotion of being appreciated goes a long way with me. I have no problem saying that I am an ideal, hard working employee and it’s management like this that makes me want to make my actions become sub par … just so I can ‘fit in’ with those around me … I have had far worse supervision and far worse jobs in the past so on one hand I want to just brush off these kind of actions and say to myself tomorrow will be better but on the other hand … why do I stay where I’m not appreciated or appropriately compensated?! Why on earth do I subject myself to this. I am better than this. *eye roll* It’s human to have an off day, it is human not be happy, it’s human to not love your job everyday … I just want to be a stay at home dog mom, is that so much to ask?!

Behold! It is the end of the day! I indeed survived! I feel like I have days like this quite regularly. I hope that is normal? It either isn’t or people around me aren’t nearly as willing to share the nitty gritty ugliness of the day to day shenanigans they call life? Hmmm.

And when my days sounds like that. This tends to happen …


I can’t help it … my furbabies are awesome and I love to spoil them. Hello McDonald’s!


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