head·ache (Part II 2017)


My newest attempt at battling the headache games – the ‘daith’ piercing. The small piece of cartilidge just above the ear canal.

Nothing is medically proven when it comes to the daith piercing but there has been brneficial links to the nerve ending with pain receptors blah blah blah. When I got my latest tattoo I asked the man about it and out of the dozens he has pierced only three have said it didn’t help. With that on top of the mounds of articles I’ve already read, sold! Booked it for the following week!

The piercing itself was a breeze. In a twisted way I enjoyed the actual piercing. Adding the jewlery, that indeed got my attention, 100% cartilidge being forced to abide a new addition made of steel, hello! Then it was just a pinch/pressure to stop the bleeding. I also got the upper helix piercing that same day, just because, wow buddy! That teeny tiny spot is way more attention grabbing than the daith was!

Day 1 – Oddly comfy. It’s kind of awkward to describe. The best verbage I can think of is when you’ve had a long day and you kick off your shoes, sling off that bra and just park your bum on a couch. That ‘ahhh’, long exhale feeling of relaxation.
Very excited for what this daith has to bring!

Day 2 – At work during certain tasks I wear headphone most the day, most specifically ear buds. Little tricky getting the right one situated and it’s obvioiusly a little sore but still very possible! And I think I got a headache? Or should have had one. I got the lightheaded/fuzzy feeling, mild nausea and warm ears/flush face that are all ‘signs’ for me and headaches BUT I didn’t get the head pounding or discomfort. At all! Weird. But I’ll take it!

Day 3 – Migraine. No question. Up 0530 on a Saturday, SATURDAY!! head pounding, nausea, tired, took 800mg of ibuprofin, hit the couch for a couple hours while the husband is still sleeping. Constantly moving the new piercing because it felt so relaxing the past two days but no avail. Get some food, coffee, water …. still hard to focus on the TV or read. Another 800mg around 1300. Once that happens then the stomach is like WTF lady. Seriously we are playing this game?! The day is a lose. I’m functioning, which is a plus but it’s a headache day. Tylenol PM and bed.

Sidenote: I don’t by any means expect a little piece of metal ‘strategically’ placed in the ear where supposedly a nerve that would help with headaches resides is going to cure me. 1- I’m a unique specimen when it comes to headaches –> The reason I have headaches…2- I am on a what I call a cocktail of medications for fertility issues that have an insane amount of side effects 3- This week is my period. Enough said.
This is a VERY TALL order to expect a decline in headaches.

Day 4 – Mild headache. Today feels more of an ache from a new piercing vs a true headache issue. And the day after what I call a shit ton of anti-headache-fighting is always a bit blehh. The piercing is insanely sore, oh my goodness, I moved it around wayyy to much yesterday. Even cleaning it was unpleasant.

Day 5 – *heavy sigh of relief* I feel super. No issues.


I have had the piercing for a month now and I would like to call this a success!
I am very pleased!
Insanely pleased!
Anyone that has to deal with any type of headache on a regular basis knows the relief that I currently have!

I now have what I call tolerable ‘headaches’ … maybe this is what normal people call headaches? I don’t care! This is heaven compared to what I was use to! I can handle a ‘headache’ of this degree any day!

I’ve read many articles that some people have had no help, help only lasted six months, or for some it has lasted for years! Everyone is different, if I have to switch ears at some point or  have it heal and then re-pierced to feel this way I’m no doubt going to do it!

I suggest this for everyone that is starving for a treatment for headaches. I don’t care if you don’t like needles. I don’t care if you don’t like piercing…try it. 

Daith piercing is a my game changer! 


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