K9 Oddities.

This. This scenario here … is completly normal. The power of puppy has taken control of the gremlin known as Oakley and the IDontGiveADamn-ness that is permanently installed in Ms.Cara is taking a front row seat. And I love it!


This lady has more fur on her than a family of rabbits, so naturally, she finds the only sun spot in the living room to get situated for a day time snooze.


The chickens aren’t so little anymore and are exploring the place they call home. Today’s adventure included flying up to the flower boxes, this specific flower boxes just so happen to be in front of the Griz. Usually the defender of the universe does not enjoy being confronted or suprised but today it appears he was feeling friendly. Cutest thing ever! This little chick was chirping away and having a full blown conversation with Griz for a solid five minutes! He just sat there, staring at her, with his ears twitching back and forth. Who’s a good boy?!


My dear morons … it’s a good thing I love you. Vaccuming the living room requires moving furniture … moving furniture requires the canines to be scarce. Apparently that means when furniture is moved they can return to napping? I vacuumed all around them, they didn’t move, didn’t care and most def don’t see an issue with said situation. *MOOOOVE!*

This ends today’s episode of K9 Oddities.





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