Just Keep Reminding Yourself You Love Him.

The ‘him’ in the situation is not human.
It is 94lbs.
It has four legs.
It’s covered in fur.
It loves me unconditionally.
It’s name is Oakley.

Today’s adventures while the humans were busy working and reassuing the lively hood that said monster is use to …. he was ‘enoying’ himself with my brand new, never finsihed a project skein of yarn. And not just a small ball or skein a yard but a rather large unit of yarn that was over 700 yards! SEVEN HUNDRED YARDS.


This may not look like much … but once you assess the damage …


….it is not a picnic.


…2.5 hours later.
Disclosure: the three wine bottles were not consumed during the adventure but I kinda wish they were!

I don’t know why Mr.Oakley feels the need to be such a brat. He has two ‘siblings’ to entertain him, endless toys, radio, fan and ice water. Yes, ice water! It’s been rather hot and humid and they are ridiculously spoiled.

*sigh* … I really need to tell myself that I really love him sometimes. He’s almost three gosh darn it!


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