Put on your big gill pants and DRINK!

The average person is suppose to have about ‘eight, 8oz glasses of water per day’ JUST SAY 64 OUNCES. Geez! …anyway.

So I may have had the novel idea of wanting to increase my intake to a gallon. A gallon is 128 ounces. That may not sounds like alot untill you’ve gone to the bathroom a dozen times before the clock strikes 12. Wowzer!

I failed.

Day 1 – 114 oz
Day 2 – 83 oz
Day 3 – 90 oz
Day 4 – 63 oz
Day 5 – 74 oz
Day 6 – 95 oz

Well. When your pee is clear it is oddly satisfying. Is that just me?

Anywho, going to the bathroom constantly is a smidge annoying and very inconvenient. I’m pretty sure on my 114 oz day I spent more time traveling to the bathroom than I did working … shh … I never said that.

I feel like my ideal ounces/day lies somewhere around 80-90. I feel hydrated, feel good and most importantly I do not feel like a water tank that needs to go to the bathroom uncontrollably. Huge plus!


What is your normal ounces/day? I’m curious! Share!


One response to “H2Ohhhhh

  1. my personal goal is 80+ oz H2O. Just think of the number of steps you add going to/from the bathroom đŸ˜‰


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