Good Morning Love


So, the husband has to get up before I do and although I tell him I want to get up with him and have a jump-start on the day … let’s be honest I usually get a few more ZzZz’s.

Therefore, within seconds of the bedroom door closing Mr. Oakley jumps up and flops onto ‘his’ pillow and proceeds to his tail wagging, birds flying, puppy loving, VERY loudly snoring dreams.

Once the clocks strikes five he has decided it is time for Mom to get the h-e-double hockey stick-outta bed…in the most adorable way of course.

First there is the very close inspection of my face to make sure that the human is indeed still alive, once he has gained confidence the human can breath he throws the cold nose assault rifle right into the neck. Naturally I get startled and start to giggle but then and only then does his tail starts beating everything it comes into contact with. To no avail the defender of all things at the 96 pounces on the over sized dog bed to join in on the morning antics.

Once that has happen, there is absolutely no chance of going back to sleep. ZERO I tell ya. And I wouldn’t change a thing.


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