When Life Gives You Lemons


So. I was super duper excited to use vacation time so I could have Friday off from work, who doesn’t love to have an extra weekend day! And on this specific Thursday we had the ATV in the shop and were picking it up and wanted to go riding all day Friday.

The husband goes to pick up the ATV at the shop, it cost HALF the amount I had expected it to! Score! He gets to have fun at home Thursday evening while I’m still at work. *Jealous!* I race home so I can jump on … while obeying all rules of the road… of course.

I would of tackled him off of the ATV if he was on it when I got home .. I was that gosh darn excited for the ATV! But he knows better! So I jump on wicked excited … and I make it whole two feet. It stutters, misfires and I can make it to a blazing 5 mph.

Not happy.

The husband tries to do his manly duties and fix the ATV to keep the angry ginger from turning into a miserable temper tantrum toddler in an Ames department store (ya know what I mean Mom?). He messes with the air filter, takes out the old gas *which has an ‘I told ya so moment’ .. right hunnie?!*, adds fresh gas … NO HELP! He finds out there is something going on with the gas line … fan-freakin-tastic.
No ATV for Thursday night or Friday.

Whatever. Time for bed.


Friday Morning.

I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed as the clock strikes six o’clock.
The body shop opens at nine.
The husband resembles a creature from the walking dead therefore he grants us with his presents around half past eight.
Commence the drill sergeant of a wife … move,move,move, he will fix the ATV, he will do it this morning, we need to move, where the F did you put the key, shop opens in now fifteen minutes … something to that affect.

We get to the shop and it is … CLOSED.

Oh, hell no.
We call the numbers we had to the shop, no answer. I demand we call every small engine repair shop within fifty miles because I want to ride today god damn it! I took the flip’n day off! … of course no luck.

— side note there is another number on a shop sign that belongs to a different person that is on a completely different sign than the shop we have been going to —

We drive home.
Before we go home I advise the husband that the princess and I will be going out for ice cream and ask him if he would like to go with us.
He politely declines.
Which makes him a very smart man. 


Nothing makes her happier than going fora ride and being free of the little gremlin we call Oakley.
Her excitement I’m sure has nothing to do with she ALWAYS gets a treat of some sort when I’m the pilot!
We take the long way into town and I wanted to make a pit stop at the park … which apparently now has a lovely ‘ no dogs allowed’ sign. *sigh, groan, bark*

We make our way to what we call ‘the beach’ BUT it’s summer and my outlook is bleak to have it be human free. Ms.Cara may like people but her human does not.


Human free!
It was a beach just for the Lady W’s!
We were greeted by two herons but lets be honest she is too old to give a damn anymore!
Happy girls!


Next stop … ICE CREAM!

Well, since I am now less cranky I decide to go to the store.
I got a half gallon of ice cream for the kid-o’s, burgers and beer for the humans!
And once upon a time I bought a coupon card from the boy scouts and one of them was $5 off $50 purchase from the shop n’ save (alcohol does not count) so therefore I don’t qualify. I decided to give it to the older couple in line next to me. They were so happy! I handed it to the Mr. who was a local WWII Veteran and watching him trying to get his wife’s attention (she was hard of hearing) was hilarious!


One at a time.
Go by age, of course.


Yes, it’s Vanilla FroYo not actually ice cream … whatev!


Mr.Oak was adorable, you cannot tell in the photo but he was so excited and shaking like a leaf. Most likely a mix of ‘omg I’m gonna get treats’ and ‘OMG I DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT FOR TREATS’ … he’s a coward and the humans usually intervene so he gets his fair share.

By this point I just want to start day drinking, cook the burgers, cook the fries and come to terms with the fact that there will be no four wheeling.

*ring, ring, ring*
I have a feeling at this point the husband is desperate for me to be un-cranky towards the day and calls the shop.
Let’s go … were gonna go drop off the ATV.
I know better than to get to excited but … yay!

Chit, chat, blah, blah with the mechanic … and go figure, he saw us there … at the shop… at nine o’freak clock. But he had to get his caffeine fix. W-T-F. I smile. I behave.
And remember that phone number on the sign that ISN’T the body shop? He told us that is him and they share the business. W-T-F again! Whatever.

&& I must add, the burger I made for the husband … I threw together bacon, caramelized onions and bbq sauce … the three ingredients I dislike most in this world!


I haven’t tried twisted tea blueberry before .. and I love it! It is a really great summer, day drinking beer for sure!
And I hit the grill! Burgers seasoned to perfection with red pa-taters.
The burger is cooked perfected. If it’s not pink, go gnaw on a shingle. To each there own, but I accept no arguments.

The husband is now in a food coma and naps. I get jealous and get all cozy in the air condition with my boys and want to nap with everyone too! But he put the movie Standoff on and I got sucked into it, no nap for the wicked!

The husband calls the shop at around four thirty  and the ATV is done … no way!
No way! The mechanic leaves at five o’clock, beat feet!

I got to ride!

ATV works and there was no more angry toddler-like adult in the house!

Got to ride around the area, run Griz around the property and go riding most the day on Saturday!

Happy, Happy, Happy!


One response to “When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. There is always hell to pay with those temper tantrums. My mantra for the week from tonight’s yoga class “be patient”.


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