Some Things Never Change.

I will admit the ‘battle wounds’ of the day aren’t much.
Which, I am VERY thankful for.

The husband is at work.
I’m still very excited to have the four wheeler back in action.
So my bright idea was to take it out behind the house and create a trail, there is walking paths throughout the property but I want to ride them! I know some paths will have to be modified…-ish. So I made it a whole fifty feet before the ‘modifying’ had to commence.
I see an area the ATV won’t fit, ya go around it, right?

Very wrong.

The part I went around to looked like a bunch of down tree branches, brush, leaves ect. Um, not so much I went over it and sunk. Yes, SUNK. It was like a mondo pile of leaves and decomposing trees and before I know it the front end of the four wheeler is in the air and my bum is on the ground, got snagged by a tree limb and the four wheeler toppled over me. Over me, not on me… and of course my noggin got clobbered by a stray hunk of tree.
Holey crap batman!

Machine is fine.
I did not venture down the path any further.
I went on the known, safe, groomed trail near the house!

Best part of the venture?


I know myself well enough to wear a helmet.
Out in the woods, where no one knew I was, husband was working … and add me to the combo…helmet is a necessity.

Just ask the parental units having to put up with me during adolescence!
High five guys!



One response to “Some Things Never Change.

  1. Glad you had your helmet on. Twenty years ago (in three weeks) you broke your collarbone – and yes, you were wearing your helmet then too.


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