The Chaos In My Kitchen…



Step 1: Loose all hope in having a clean kitchen.
Step 2: Have a polish husband that is excited to have high cholesterol.
Step 3: Love him so much to destroy your kitchen to make pierogies. (purr-Oo-geese)

Alright. First off, I HAD A BLAST!

The husband and I … that’s right I said ‘the husband and I’ made pierogies together. A three hour hand scratch adventure! (he may of had to have a power nap first … it does take a lot of energy to put up with a mildly intoxicated ginger in the kitchen)

-Break out the infamous chili pot to boil some water.
-Make the pierogie dough from his grandma’s recipe and let chill in the fridge for a half hour.
-While waiting for the dough we ground up some kielbasa and shred some cheese.
-Clean the mess from said grinding and shredding.
-Start making the filling!
–Batch one: butter, sauerkraut, kielbasa, salt and pepper.
–Batch two: butter, sharp cheddar, salt and pepper. (I was regrettably to cheap               to buy the farmer’s cheese)
-Break out the dough!
es, I ALWAYS forget to take off my rings before tackling raw dough and raw dough … gets everywhere, in everything and makes me swear a lot!
—I went with the roll out a large piece of dough and cut into half a dozen or so circles with a pint glass method. The husband on the other hand choose the handful of dough which turns into 7oz-ish rolled out pierogie method. Either way as long as it taste good … right?!
-Once rolled, filled and pinched it’s time to go for a swim! Thrown into the boiling pot until floating.
-Floaters are a good thing in this situation! Then, they are removed to cool on a tray.
-Once the kitchen is completely covered in flour and the drowning of dough is over it is time to fry!
-FRY, BABE FRY!! A hot pan deliciously covered in butter is the final step to an awesome pierogie! Pan seared. Both sides. Preferably done by the husband *cough* he is better at it than I am. (I blame the clogged arteries!)


-They are awesome! Can you tell who made which one?!
-I made the cheese ones, and well … some were really good, others mind as well have been called a salt lick. Oh my! Lots of salt! Like, salt from the ocean, SALT! Worst part? The husband said “wow that’s a lot of salt” as I had the salt sitting in my hand ready to go into my cheese mix. Ahh!
-He made the sauerkraut ones which were … awesome!
–No doubt. Hands down. Fan-freakin-tastic. (Don’t tell him I said that)
— I do take some credit on his because grinding the kielbasa was MY idea! MY idea gosh darn it!


The kitchen was clean a mere two hours ago, I promise! And this is a mild no flour thrown about, can’t get the camera dirty kinda picture, duh!

Sink full.
Dishes stacked high.
Dogs cleaning the floor.
Ridiculously covered in flour!
Full bellies of pierogies to be had!!
After resting from the adventure, convincing each other that the kitchen does NOT have to be cleaned … the dishes need to be done, the dishwasher needs to be filled and started.



Voila! The kitchen is pretty. The appetite is harnessed. And our night is complete.

I wouldn’t exchange my night for anything! I cannot express how much I loved this!

The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach.
A way to a my heart is having clean dishes! 🙂



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