Turtle Face 2011


One of our fishing adventures was on a set of train tracks. The husband noticed a bunch of turtle nests, but most of them looked like they were already disturbed by a weasel or bird of sorts. Most the eggs were either cracked and eaten or smashed.

He knew that finding salvageable turtle eggs would make me happy. So that he did!
I think he found half a dozen that may of had a chance at life. And they called home in a cut in half sprite bottle for a couple of days.
Then, baby turtle! Only one hatched. And he was adorable!
Hello Mr. snapping turtle!
And I clearly spent a lot of time on picking a name and called him turtle face.


He lived in a little bucket, a mini aquarium and my kitchen sink. Yes, the kitchen sink. At that point our kitchen was the size of a shoe box and we honestly didn’t spend a lot of time home that summer. Our schedule was sleep, work, fish.

So, he was tiny and adorable. I fed him anything and everything. Some random vegetation, hot dogs, vegetables, pepperoni, bread, fish. They really are the garbage compactors of the streams. But his favorite was raw venison, he would cruise across his little tank for that!

I never planned on keeping him. We played the rescuer that day we found the eggs and had full intention on putting him back out in the ponds when he got a little bigger.


Those tiny little legs were kick’n!
I have hopes that he is now harassing fishermen and stealing their catches on a regular basis!







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