Pick’em Up Truck

2003 F-150.
I bought the truck on St Patrick’s Day with my pops in 2008 with 85,000 miles on it.
And loved it!

If  anyone has an awkward attachment to a vehicle, it’s me and this truck.

It was an awesome truck! Only basic wear and tear problems I think we might of put around $5,000 into the truck in seven years. SEVEN years! Mostly ball joints and tires.


And when I say we took that truck everywhere, I mean we took it everywhere! We put 105,800 something miles on it in seven years. 15,000 something miles a year. Is that a lot? Any who.

We would drive it over 1,000 miles to visit family, daily commute to work, the dog taxi, the haul truck, the rescuing stranded Chevy’s truck, bringing dinner home truck, hauling our pop up camper truck and we even lived in it! Yes, lived in it. At least it was only temporary.


The truck even turned into a provider! I hit a deer with it. Hit the deer perfectly! I may have been speeding and the deer may have jumped from a ditch into the road way and she broke her neck, died instantly. And only broke my right fog light. Which you don’t need in my state. Score! And I may have served the deer at my wedding! 🙂


Truck vs critter, part II. The turkey.
I saw it in the roadway … I’ll be damned if I brake or swerve for a turkey.  So I just let off the gas and the turkey didn’t move all that quickly and BOOM! The worst part? The turkey went careening into the swamp area off the roadway and I couldn’t find it. It looked like the ball from a cannon just flying off into the distance.


But, out with the old and in with the new!
The F-150 was getting worse for ware. It was going to need some serious work to be ready for the next winter. So truck shopping we go. And me being me wanted to drive it ‘one last time’ to the dealer. And after that. I had no intention on driving it back home. It was scary!
It felt like the steering was going, I couldn’t go over 55 mph with my foot to the floor and pretty sure something with the brakes finally called it quits. All that on top of the known laundry lists of problems that needed to be tended to. Bad enough where we got $1,000 for trade value andwe were okay with it.

To be fair the terrain and environment we live in isn’t always the most forgiving. And we weren’t always as nice to the truck as we should have been. Never the less. Awesome truck!

It’ll be the first time that I no longer own a Ford.



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