Sunday. Oh, Sunday.

The unofficial ‘do what you want’, ‘relax’, ‘get ready for the work week’, ‘family time’, ‘sleep in’…day. Right?

 Who wants to work on Sundays? Absolutley no one! That is who. Especially when you have to tango with sunday drivers, yard salers, shoppers, vacant constructions sites, ect.
But, in order for the world to exist as we know it there is thousands of people that bite the bullet we call sanity to ensure the safety of others. And go to work. *sigh* Anywho.

The Sunday perk?
For the love of Dunkin Donuts!
I am the proud owner of a ‘Community Mug 2015’
I paid $20 for the mug and I get *cough* one free hot or ice coffee everyday for the 2015 year.
So … in other words I get at least two coffee’s a day every Sunday, for free and LOVE it! And if the husband doesn’t use his I may take it and get coffee for someone else!

Mug = Medium Hot Coffee
Medium Hot Coffee = (Various between $2-$2.50) Let’s call it $2.25
52 Sundays in 2015 – missed Sundays – forgot Sundays – pre mug Sundays = approx 35 Sundays
35 Sundays x 2 coffees = 70 coffees
70 coffees x $2.25 = $157.50

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!


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